Welcome to COGS3

Important messages will be posted here.

Your grades are posted on TED: http://TED.ucsd.edu

The class server is: ieng6.ucsd.edu

Questions about your homework grades? Go to the lab and your TA will be more than happy to go over any questions that you may have. :-)

If you just added the class your account will be ready the next day.

Remember: The best time to talk with your TA is during lab.


Sections start Wednesday Week1. They are not mandatory but are highly recommended.

You need to log on to the lab computer with your UCSD account first.

To open the CLASS RESOURCES folder you will need your course account.

ACMS Account lookup tool.

Remote work

You are welcome to work on your assignments from home. We highly recommend that you learn how to use an FTP program first.

Good FTP programs:
link to download Filezilla-Client

Text editors

You will be using smart text editors when you are writing HTML, PHP, and Javascript code.

Links for editors that we recommend:
link to download Visual Studio Code
link to download NotePad++ (win)
link to download Sublime (mac)
link to download TextWranger (mac)


Late assignments (inform your TA):
Within one week of deadline: 80%.
After one week late: 15%.

In-class Quizzes: 10%
Assignments: 45%
Class participation (iClicker and attendance): 45%