Melissa Troyer

Graduate Student
Department of Cognitive Science

I am a graduate student in Cognitive Science at UCSD. Broadly speaking, I am interested in language processing and its interface with knowledge. Particular questions that interest me:

    How is conceptual information organized and accessed during language processing?

    When, how, and why are we better at accessing information that we already know a lot about?

    What factors contribute to language processing abilities, and what can variation between people tell us about these factors?

In the past, I've also worked in other areas of psycholinguistics and speech perception, as well as on undergraduate teaching tools for psychology and neuroscience.

I occasionally write for NeuWriteSD, a science blogging group based in the Neurosciences program at UCSD.

More recently, an article on Language, Memory, and Aging--And the Words to Say It was posted on the science blog HippoReads.

If you would like to get in touch, please do! The easiest way is by email. Put in internet terms, just write my first initial, then my last name

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Last updated: 5.09.2015